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New Students

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I do yoga, even though I’m not __________ (flexible, calm, experienced, etc)?
A: Yes! That’s why we practice! Yoga will help you achieve your goals and nothing is required to begin.

Q: What classes are good for beginners?
A: A beginner is welcome in any class we offer! We recommend you read over the class descriptions below and see what styles sound good to you and give them all a try. We offer modifications and variations for all levels. Privates are also available if you want to start with a 1:1 session. We are happy to meet for a free consultation to discuss your goals and show you around!

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: We have almost everything you need here. Please bring your own water and a towel if you’d like. If you have your own mat and props that is great – we also have plenty to borrow, free of charge. No dress code, wear comfy clothes you can move in!

Q: What else do I need to know? 
A: You can register online or just pop in for your first class. We recommend new students start with our two-week intro pass where you can try as many classes as your schedule allows for 14 consecutive days! (Find that here!)

The studio opens 10-15 minutes before class starts and we lock the door when class begins. We have cubbies and coat racks for your personal belongings. 

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are in the Thoroughbred Square building on the corner of Green and Main at 201 North Main Street in Downtown Versailles. We are across the street from Versailles Baptist Church and in between Bluegrass Traditions and Spark Community Cafe. Our front door opens to Main Street and free parking is available all around the building and in the back. We are just 25 minutes from Downtown Lexington and Downtown Frankfort!

Introductory Offer:

Ready to Get Started?

Get two weeks of unlimited classes for only $34!

This includes access to in-studio classes and our on demand gallery – plus a 30-minute consult to discuss your goals!

Class Descriptions:

Chair yoga is open to all levels and abilities. Using a chair or ball for additional stability we explore poses in pursuit of strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Students are seated for a majority of the class with opportunities for standing balance work. Great for seniors, those with limited mobility, or recovering from injury. This class can be done on an exercise ball for added challenge and core strengthening. 

Our Yin & Restore class combines both stationary and movement-based poses. We incorporate the Yin style of yoga (deep stretching) and Restorative Yoga (deep relaxation). Poses are held for longer times to focus on gentle stretching, strengthening, and stability. This class provides moments of detailed instruction and moments of quiet, meditative rest. Most poses are done on or low to the ground. Great for all levels: beginners, those recovering from an injury, and those looking to decrease stress and increase flexibility.

Our Align class focuses on pose alignment and integrity. We coordinate movements in a way that allows all levels and abilities to easily enter each pose. There are a combination of standing, seated, and reclined poses. This variety helps build strength, balance, and flexibility in an accessible way. This practice is excellent for beginners, those with healing injuries, or those interested in proper alignment and balance. 

Our Mindful Flow is a slower approach to Vinyasa focusing on mindful movements in and out of poses. Great for anyone new to yoga, or those who want to hone their practice with intentionality. This class leaves space for students to feel their bodies and find proper alignment, while utilizing the flow of Vinyasa. 

Our most popular class, Vinyasa, is a dynamic yoga practice. We use creative transitions to flow between poses, focusing on integrating our breath with movement. A more challenging practice, Vinyasa movements focus on strengthening the muscles, increasing flexibility, and focusing the mind. Classes build from warm-up movements into strong flows before ending in a peaceful Savasana (rest). Teachers will offer modifications for beginners and advanced practitioners. Vinyasa can be challenging but still accessible for most. 

Power Flow is a Vinyasa-based practice that focuses on strength through repetition and challenging variations of your favorite poses. Expect to sweat and get your heart rate up! Power Flow is for anyone looking to take their practice to the next level. We welcome all yogis who participate in our Vinyasa classes to take this class.