Reopening Guidelines


WEAR A MASK: Masks must be worn at all times before/after classes. Masks may be removed during class when clients are spread 10 feet apart on their mats. Fans will not be used at this time. Instructors will remove masks for teaching but will be masked at all other times.

LIMIT PERSONAL ITEMS: We ask that you limit the amount of personal items you bring in. However, other than blocks and chairs, studio props are not available to borrow at this time so we ask that you bring your mat and all props you would like to use during class. Used props will be available for purchase if you do not have your own (no cash purchases).

GIVE PERSONAL SPACE: Per state guidelines we are asked to keep 10 feet between each person participating in class. We have spaces marked with numbers. Please be mindful of everyone’s personal space and do your best to keep distance between yourself and others as you move around the studio.

ENTER/EXIT STUDIO: Spaces are numerically marked in the studio and will be assigned as you arrive. The studio opens 10-15 minutes before class begins.

WASH YOUR HANDS + LIMIT SURFACE CONTACT: Please wash your hands and limit surface contact. Cubbies and additional storage space will still be available for your personal items. We will not have the water cooler available at this time, please bring your own water bottle. We use commercial grade disinfectants to keep common surfaces cleaned (bathrooms, door handles, etc) and will have antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer available.

FEEL SICK? PRACTICE VIRTUALLY: If you are running a fever, feel sick, are experiencing flu-like symptoms, or think you may have recently been exposed please stay home and meet us on your mat virtually via Zoom!

ONLINE SCHEDULE UPDATE: In-person classes will have a corresponding Virtual Zoom Class listed on the schedule. Please be mindful as you register that you are signing up for the right class (virtual or in-person) Virtual classes (when viewing from the month or week) are in GREEN and are simply labeled “Virtual Zoom Class” and in-person classes are in PURPLE and are listed as the class style name and will list the teacher as well. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are limited to 6 people for in-person classes. Please be mindful of others are cancel in advance if you are unable to attend. There are no restrictions to the number of people who can join us virtually on Zoom. Registration for classes is required.