Homegrown Yoga Rewards Points

Earn Points:


Book Online +1

 Earn 1 point when you book online.
{Must attend the class to keep the point}


Attend a Class +1

Earn 1 point every time you attend a class.
{Some exclusions may apply}


Attend an Event +5

Earn 5 points every time you attend an event.{Some exclusions may apply}


Write a Review +100

Earn 100 points for writing a review HERE.
{One time only per customer} 

Birthday Bonus +100

Earn 100 points on your birthday each year!
{Must add your birthday to your online profile}

Dollars Spent

Earn one point for every dollar spent!
{Earn up to 1500 points/year}

Points & Prizes Subject to Change.

Redeem Prizes:

Please contact us at: hello@homegrownyogaky.com to redeem your prize.
Please note: There is a maximum of ONE redemption per prize level per year.

Level 1

Redeem 500 points for one month of Homegrown On Demand for you or a friend.

Level 2

Redeem 1000 points for one month of Unlimited Yoga Classes at Homegrown Yoga.

Level 3

Redeem 2000 points for a Manduka Prolite or Eko Yoga Mat or Yogitoes Yoga Towel.

Level 4

Redeem 5000 points for a Manduka Yoga Mat or Towel + one month of Unlimited Yoga.